Community Groups

Community Groups are an important part of Silver Creek Church because we believe you were designed to be connected to other people. No one is meant to experience life and faith in isolation. These groups seek to knit together people in small group environments to develop forever friendships, study the Bible, and serve our neighborhoods. We invite you to consider checking out one of our Community Groups to experience what God has designed you for.
“Our community group started the beginning of last year, forming from a group that had to split because of scheduling conflicts. Though the idea of splitting was difficult for all involved, we saw God working right away as both groups filled before even kicking off the session. My wife and I were able to step up as leaders, though living 25 minutes outside of the community another family graciously offered to host. It has been such a blessing to walk alongside these other families and grow. The experience had such an effect on our family that it had strengthened our desire to move into the Aurora Community, which we look forward to doing so in the coming week, excited to
have half our group within a mile radius.”
- Nick and Lydia Friedman

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Small groups help people grow in their faith and build community.
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